2018 Shanghai Tourism Festival Floats 2021 Shanghai Tourism Festival Floats Opening Parade

Time + Location Time September 15th from 1930 Location Huaihai Middle Road Xizang South Road Shaanxi South Road 2018 Sea Tourism Festival opened on September 15th! The parade of floats in the tourism festival is the festival carnival with the longest duration and the widest influence in the tourism festival. Once the grand parade of floats is held every year, it means the city of Shanghai.

At the same time, the long line of floats will drive into residential areas, so that ordinary people can watch the wonderful floats directly without leaving their homes, making the tourism festival closer to the general public. In addition, tourists from home and abroad and the general public Tourism festival themes such as Shanghai Everbright City Luxun Park and Pudong Century Park during the National Day can be used within two weeks before the festival.

The 17th Shanghai Tourism Festival kicked off on September 16th. The 2006 Tourism Festival showed Shanghai's city spirit of "embracing all rivers and pursuing excellence". The parade of floats at the opening ceremony of the tourism festival with the theme of the festival presents a visual and cultural feast to Shanghai citizens. Colorful floats gathered in Shanghai to participate in the parade of floats in this tourism festival.

More than 30 singing and dancing performance teams from more than 10 countries including Finland, France, my country, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Guizhou, Shanxi and other places will show the rich world style to Shanghai citizens and tourists at home and abroad. At the same time, the Chinese People's Liberation Army The military band was invited to participate in the Shanghai Tourism Festival for the first time, adding new highlights to the opening parade.

Shanghai Tourism Festival Opening Ceremony On the evening of September 10th Shanghai Tourism Festival Opening Ceremony Venue Shanghai Huaihai Road The grand opening parade will be held on the evening of September 10th on Huaihai Road A total of 25 floats will participate in the parade Among them, the Disney float will be the first car in the grand opening parade of the tourism festival. There are 26 overseas performance groups from 22 countries.

The weather has been summed up for you. The special offer in Shanghai is coming. Don’t hurry up. The road kicked off and the entire parade had 25 floats and 26 overseas performing groups. It is worth mentioning that Shanghai Disney Resort.

The Floats Parade of the Shanghai Tourism Festival was founded in 1990. It is held every year from mid-September to the Golden Week of November. It is a traditional event in the Shanghai Tourism Festival over the years. Street parade display is an important festival tourism brand in Shanghai. At present, this activity has become a world-renowned construction in Shanghai.

So, what are the highlights of the Shanghai Tourism Festival on May 19? The Shanghai City Classic Tourism Festival is the first part of the tourism festival. The first program is the opening parade. , the venue is Huaihai Road, Shanghai. At that time, floats from all over the world will parade here, and there will be beautiful fireworks at night.

Shanghai Tourism Festival was founded in 1990. The event starts on a Saturday in September every year and lasts for more than 20 days. A project that attracts more than 8 million tourists every year The Shanghai Tourism Festival is broadcast by Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration Shanghai Culture.

2018 Shanghai Tourism Festival Floats 2021 Shanghai Tourism Festival Floats Opening Parade

There will be Shanghai Tourism Festival next month, and there will be many in Shanghai The scenic spots are all half-price, and the time period is not short. Let's take this opportunity to have fun. Let me tell you about the list of half-price scenic spots in this tourism festival. September and October, 2018. The list of half-price scenic spots in Shanghai Tourism Festival in 2018. The Shanghai Tourism Festival will be held on September 15.

The Shanghai Tourism Festival is co-sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism. It is currently the largest and most influential large-scale tourism festival in China. So what are the Shanghai Tourism Festivals Main Activities 1 Float parade is an important symbol of the opening of the Shanghai Tourism Festival float parade, and it is tourism.

Ethnic customs teams from home and abroad parade and perform together, forming a beautiful tourist and cultural landscape with Chinese and foreign tourists A series of activities such as lighting, mass art performances, etc., will create a beautiful, joyful and lively North Sichuan Road.

The latest news, the Shanghai Tourism Festival will introduce many preferential policies, especially Shanghai Disney will introduce a half-price discount, what is the situation? I heard that the half-price discount will be implemented next month. The specific situation is How about it? Let's take a closer look at the half-price for all 75 scenic spots in Shanghai on September 15 and September 21.

The parade time is from now until February 29, 2020, 180019002000 per day. The event location is No. 201, Hongmei Road, Minhang District, Jinjiang Amusement Park. The brand began to sponsor the Shanghai Tourism Festival float parade in the same year.

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