Beijing travel strategy 6-day itinerary Beijing travel strategy 4-day free travel strategy

After visiting the Summer Palace, you can take No. 331 or No. 696, No. 628, No. 601, No. 626, No. 498, No. 438, No. 6, No. 690, get off at Yuanmingyuan South Gate Station, and visit Yuanmingyuan Metro No. 4 Get on at Yuanmingyuan Station on the Line, head towards Gongyi West Bridge, get off at Peking University East Gate Station, exit C Southwest Exit, and visit Peking University and Tsinghua University.

Day 4, Summer Palace, Tiantan Park, check in Tsinghua University, Peking University, DAY 5, according to the return time, a special car will be sent to the airport. There are many scenic spots in Beijing for the return trip, and the traffic route is more complicated. You can find a reliable one for the first time. The local group has a good stay, and you don't have to worry about luggage and transportation tickets. It's very cost-effective~.

I love the beautiful White Pagoda reflected on the Tiananmen Lake in Beijing As a foodie, Guozijian, the highest school in the Qing Dynasty, could not visit Guijie Street and Qianmen University near Lama Temple.

I just came back from work in Beijing, Beijing is not very cold now, the lowest temperature is only five or six degrees below zero... I went to Beijing for tourism in February this year, and I worked in Beijing in September this year, Beijing The weather here is still very good, and winter is also very suitable for traveling to Beijing. You can apply for a city card, which should be available at the subway entrance. Yes.

Beijing Travel Guide 6-Day Route Beijing Travel Guide 4-Day Free Travel Guide

Especially the elderly, they have worked hard all their lives, and these place names are only on TV Okay, I’ve heard it. Next, let me introduce this traditional scenic spot route in detail. The first stop, Tian’anmen Square, is open all day and tickets are free. The traffic location is Metro Line 2, Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing.

Beijing Travel Guide Day 1 Tiananmen Great Hall of the People Forbidden City Jingshan Beihai Take Metro Line 1 to Tiananmen East or Tiananmen West, and you can walk to Tiananmen. If you want to see the flag raising, you have to go after 4 o'clock I got up, but I didn't see the subway at that time. If I lived far away, I could only take a taxi.

On the last day of the Beijing 7-day tour, it is recommended to leave the urban area and go to the Badaling Great Wall in the suburban county. Wang is more difficult to climb, there are 12 watchtowers, of which the north 8th floor is the highest point of the Badaling Great Wall, you can also take the cableway up to the off-season.

I want to go to Beijing for a week at the end of August, and I will arrive at Beijing West Railway Station. I want detailed information about basic necessities, food, housing, and transportation. I want to go to Beijing for a week at the end of August. I will arrive at Beijing West Railway Station. Please expand #xE768 and let me answer the strategy.

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