Chengdu to Jinhe High-speed rail from Chengdu to Jinhekou

16, drive 20 meters, arrive at Jinhe Hotel, the terminal on the right side of the road; arrive at Military Region General Hospital Station 2, take Metro Line 3, pass 8 stops, arrive at City Second Hospital Station 3, walk about 80 meters, and transfer to Metro 4 Line 4: Take Metro Line 4, pass 5 stops, arrive at Caotang North Road Station 5, walk about 600 meters, and arrive at No. 16 Jinhe Road, Chengdu, a gastroenterology hospital in Chengdu.

Bus No. 147, Jiulidi Bus Station, East Square, Chengdu East Railway Station, the basic direction of the line is along the southwest half ring of the Central Ring. Jinhe Hotel is located at No. 18 Jinhe Road, so take bus No. 147 in the city center If you can’t get directly to Jinhe Hotel by car, take bus No. 147. If you are near Huangzhong Community Station, you can go to Huangzhong Community; go to Tongren Road in the west third section of First Ring Road, go straight to Jinhe Road 23 and drive along Jinhe Road 190 meters, after passing Zuncheng International on the left for about 100 meters, turn around and enter Jinhe Road 24, drive 90 meters along Jinhe Road, and arrive at the end point at the end of the road on the right side of Chengdu Zuncheng International Apartment Tianfu Square Store.

Take Metro Line 2 at East Railway Station, get off at Tonghuimen Station, exit from Exit C, and walk straight along Jinhe Road to Jinhe Hotel; go straight to the 10th section of Renmin Middle Road Drive 16 kilometers along Section 3 of Renmin Middle Road, turn slightly left into Section 2 of Renmin North Road 11 and drive 260 meters along Section 2 of Renmin North Road, enter Xiaojia Village 2 Lane 12 and drive 170 meters along Xiaojia Village 2 Lane, and the destination is on the left side of the road The destination is Chengdu Golden Lotus Hotel Apartment.

Chengdu Jinhe Agricultural Science and Technology Park

Get out of Exit C of Tonghuimen Station on Metro Line 2, walk eastward along Jinhe Road for about 600 meters and you will arrive at Jinhe Hotel. Subway Line 2, get off at People's Park Station, which is closer to Jinhe Hotel, exit from Exit D1, and Jinhe Hotel is opposite Changshun Shangjie Road.

3 Walk about 790 meters to Jinhe Hotel.

Chengdu to Jinhe Chengdu to Jinhekou High-speed Railway

Go straight to Shudu Avenue 16 and drive along Shudu Avenue for 30 kilometers, and pass Zuncheng International on the right for about 160 meters , turn around and enter Shudu Avenue 17 and drive 10 meters along Shudu Avenue, turn right at 18 and drive 40 meters, turn right in front and turn 19 and drive 20 meters, turn left at the back and turn 20 and drive 20 meters, and arrive at the terminal Jinhe Hotel.

19 Drive along Wenweng Road for 220 meters, go straight into Dongcheng Gennan Street 20 drive along Dongcheng Gennan Street for 230 meters, turn left into Shaocheng Road 21 and drive 510 meters along Shaocheng Road, towards the First Ring Road Get off at the direction of Tongren Road in the third section of the west, go straight to Jinhe Road 22 and drive along Jinhe Road, and arrive at the terminal Jinhe Road.

As of March 2021, there is no direct train line from Chengdu to Jinkouhe—Chengdu Shiyangchang Station at 9:15 am and 15:30 pm at Chengdu East Station Bus Station at 8:30 am There is a bus line to Jinkouhe. First, take the high-speed rail from Chengdu East Station to Leshan Station, and then from next to Leshan Station.

Chengdu-Jinhekou High-speed Railway

Take No. 102 at South Station and get off at Xinnanmen Bus Station, turn to No. 43 and you will arrive at Jinhe Road, and you will see Jinhe when you get off River Hotel.

1 Walk about 260 meters from Chengdu Tourism Distribution Center, arrive at Xinnanmen Station 2, take Metro Line 3, pass 1 stop, arrive at Chunxi Road Station 3, walk about 100 meters, transfer to Metro 2 Take Metro Line 2 on Line 4, pass 2 stops, arrive at People's Park Station 5, walk about 270 meters, and arrive at Chengdu Jinhe Hotel.

Walk to Jinhe Hotel Chengdu Plan 2340 road down to about 31 kilometers, it takes about 6 minutes to start from Zhongda Jiuru Village Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, walk to Ximian Bridge Street, take 340 down, and get on Changshun Get off at the street, walk to Jinhe Hotel Chengdu, and plan to go down No. 378 and go directly to No. 347 for the whole journey.

24 Drive 460 meters along Jinhe Road and reach the end point Jinhe Road.

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