Guangzhou North to Lechang train Guangzhou North to Lechang high-speed train timetable

1, 4 Walk about 10 meters from Guangzhou Railway Station to Exit A of Guangzhou Railway Station, take Metro Line 5 and take 1 stop to Exit B of Xiaobei Station, then go to Xiaobei Station and transfer to No. 10 Take 2 stops to Taojin North Road Station and walk about 260 meters to the Liaison Office of the People's Government of Lechang City in Guangzhou. Get on and off the map and send a text message; there is a direct train to Lechang at Guangzhou Railway Station. Many cars stop in Lechang every time I go back. Everyone takes the train at Guangzhou Railway Station. I am someone else from Lechang. The answer feels superfluous. Accept it; after buying a ticket on the cn website, if you need to exchange for a paper ticket, please follow the steps below: 1. Use your resident ID card to buy a ticket 2. Drive along the Daguang Expressway for 20 kilometers, towards the direction of Yingde Lechang G4W3, turn right slightly and enter the Leguang Expressway 3 Drive along Leguang Expressway for 1582 kilometers, towards the direction of Wengyuan Shaoguan Ganzhou G6011, turn slightly right into Liuwu Interchange 4 and drive 690 meters along Liuwu Interchange, go straight into Ganshao Expressway 5 and drive along Ganshao Expressway 3; see what kind of car it is Yes, the slowest train will have these stations Guangzhou to Wuchang Guangzhou, Guangzhou North, Shaoguan East, Lechang, Chenzhou, Leiyang, Hengyang, Zhuzhou, Changsha, Yueyang, Linxiang, Chibi, Xianning, Wuchang Guangzhou to Hankou Guangzhou East, Dongguan East, Huizhou, Heyuan, Longchuan, Longnan, Xinfeng, Ganzhou, Xingguo; Guangzhou North to Ankang train k770 route, the details of the station name are as follows Arrival time Driving time Parking time Running time 1 Starting point in Guangzhou Station 0950 2 Guangzhou North 101210153 minutes 22 minutes 3 Yuantan 104110432 minutes 51 minutes 4 Shaoguan East 122012255 minutes 2 hours 30 minutes 5 Lechang 125813; according to the K770 train timetable, from Guangzhou to Hanzhong, pass through the following stations in turn 1 Guangzhou 2 Guangzhou North 3 Yuantan 4 Shaoguan East 5 Lechang 6 Chenzhou 7 Leiyang 8 Hengyang 9 Hengshan 10 Zhuzhou 11 Changsha 12 Yueyang 13 Lukoupu 14 Linxiang 15 Chibi 16 Xianning 17.

Guangzhou North to Lechang train Guangzhou North to Lechang high-speed train timetable

2. Tomorrow is February 25, 2019, Lechang There are two direct trains from Chang Station to Guangzhou, both of which are Guangzhou Station, and two trains to Guangzhou North Station, both of which are from Lechang East Station. See the picture for details; the original Guangzhou North Station was located in Tangxi Village, Xinshi Town, Baiyun District On the west side, in 1908, Guangzhou North Railway Station was completed and opened. When it was completed, it was named Xinjie Station. Because it is located at the junction of various railways, including the intersection of Beijing-Guangzhou-Guangzhou-Shenguang-Mao, the marshalling yard was established in 1956, mainly with half trains passing by. Technology business, and a small amount of small.

3. As long as there are spare tickets, Dongguan Xiegang Train Sales Office can buy train tickets from Guangzhou North to Lechang. The handling fee for buying tickets in different places is 5 yuan. A convenient measure Passengers who book tickets for the above 9 stations through the telephone booking system can pick up tickets at any of the ticket collection points set up at any of the stations. For example, 6 transfer routes are recommended, namely K9276G884 to Z8012G1106 to Z8018G1006 to Z8020G830 to K502G1184 To Z8320, you can choose according to your own needs. There are four high-speed rail stations in Guangzhou, namely Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou South Station, Guangzhou East Station and Guangzhou North Station. Among them, Guangzhou Station is not.

4.12 Drive along the Daguang Expressway for 20 kilometers, towards the direction of Yingde Lechang G4W3, turn slightly left into Huashan North Interchange 2, drive 20 kilometers along the Huashan North Interchange, and go straight into Leguang Expressway 3 Drive 2621 kilometers along the Leguang Expressway, go straight into the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway 4 and drive 473 along the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway; Baiyun Airport, take the Airport Express Line, or take a taxi to the old railway station and high-speed rail station of the Beijing-Guangzhou Line of Guangzhou North Station Together, take the high-speed rail to Shaoguan Railway Station, take a taxi, you can carpool to Lechang or take a bus from Shaoguan Railway Station to Shaoguan East Railway Station, take a taxi or carpool outside the square, to Lechang or in Shaoguan East; There are 5 trains from Lechang Station to Guangzhou Station. Take train t8358, drive at Lechang Station at 9:09, and arrive at Guangzhou Station at 12:22. The hard seat ticket is 41.5 yuan.

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