Hangzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office Address of Hangzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office

1. No. 25, Santaishan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou! I don’t know exactly how many cars to make, but I can tell you about the php website of Zhejiang Foreign Affairs.

2. The Foreign Affairs Office is in the Provincial Tourism Bureau K105 K55 Route 1 Depart from Wulin Square, take Y1 Road Wulin Square Lingyin, arrive at Broken Bridge about 234 kilometers Route 2 Depart from Hangzhou Tower, take K105 Road Hangzhou East Railway Station Hangzhou East Railway Station, transfer to No. 7 Chengzhan Railway Station Lingyin at Hubin.

3. 1. The ministries and commissions of the State Council, the directly affiliated institutions, the subordinate administrative agencies, and the people's governments above the county level apply for the establishment of offices in Hangzhou. 2. If an enterprise unit or a public institution other than the one mentioned above applies to set up an office in Hangzhou, the municipal government shall do so.

4. The location for passport application in Hangzhou is the Entry and Exit Reception Hall of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau. Passport application method on the first floor of the reception hall On-site application contact number 057185 Basic procedures for applicants to submit applications.

5. Can 1 Non-Zhejiang household registration personnel, who meet the conditions for applying for a permit in another place, can apply for all types of ordinary passports and mainland cards in this city, but they cannot apply for blank Hong Kong and Macau travel permits and tourist endorsements. It is not acceptable to apply for entry and exit documents for special post reporting personnel across provinces and other places. 2 Non-Hangzhou household registration personnel in Zhejiang Province.

6. On the morning of November 15th, the Hangzhou Municipal Exit and Entry Center took the initiative to send "policies", and held an APEC business travel card promotion meeting at Hangzhou Gejiang Vega Hotel in Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. A total of more than 70 key private enterprises in the district signed up to participate in this promotion meeting.

7. 1. The processing conditions stipulated in the residence permit for talents in Hangzhou. All non-local personnel in the form of not changing their household registration and not transferring personnel relations in the urban area of ​​Hangzhou, including Yuhang District, Xiaoshan District, excluding Fuyang District, the same below Those who work or start a business and meet one of the following conditions can apply for a talent residence permit in accordance with these regulations.

8. Hangzhou passport application address: 1st Floor, Entry and Exit Reception Hall, Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, Command Center Building, Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, No. 169, Wujiang Road. 230530, except statutory holidays, the time limit for processing is to apply at the place of household registration.

9. It can be handled, and the required materials are as follows 1. The applicant can print the application form for entry and exit documents for Chinese citizens with his resident ID card on the spot in the card handling hall. 2. A recent passport-free photo. Copies of the reverse side 5 Valid residence permits of Zhejiang Province Residents from other provinces live with their residence permits.

10. Hangzhou passport office is at No. 25, Huaguang Road, Exit-Entry Administration Bureau at the gate of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, which is on the edge of the famous Wushan Square in Hangzhou. On the 29th, you can apply for a passport. You need a permanent residence in Hangzhou, an ID card, and some money. Go up to the second floor, first take a form at the counter, and fill it out truthfully.

Hangzhou Foreign Affairs Office Address of Hangzhou Foreign Affairs Office

11. 2. Non-Hangzhou household registration procedures for Hong Kong and Macau Exit Permits. Time, and then I bring the household registration book + copy of the second-generation resident ID card + copy of the photo + photo receipt and the above-listed certificates to apply for the above conditions.

12. Out-of-province 1 Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui household registration personnel can apply across provinces. 2 Except for Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui household registration personnel, non-provincial personnel need to go to the police station or certificate center where the household registration is located to apply for the application within the province or outside the city. 1 People with household registration in Zhejiang Province who apply for a resident ID card for the first time can live anywhere in Hangzhou.

13. Legal subjectivity Only legal entry and exit can carry out activities freely abroad, so everyone must apply for a passport, and then follow the prescribed procedures to enter and exit. Then everyone knows how much it costs to apply for a passport in Hangzhou Well, in order to help you better understand the relevant legal knowledge, the editor has sorted out the relevant content, hoping to be helpful to you.

14. Non-Hangzhou household registration method for citizen card 1. Non-Hangzhou household registration Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and overseas personnel provide the original valid ID card to handle it. If you need to take photos on the spot, you need to provide the original valid ID card of both parties and the applicant's recent One-inch bareheaded white-background color photo and one piece 2 The foreign expert himself shall provide a passport within the validity period and the Municipal Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs.

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