Maoxian Tourist Attractions Self-driving Tour Route Map of Maoxian Tourist Attractions Self-driving Tour

The Dagu Glacier is located in Heishui County, Aba Prefecture, more than 300 kilometers away from Chengdu, and the driving distance is about 5 hours. If you don’t drive, there are also a lot of two-day tours and three-day tour groups going here. The first day is 900 Chengdu. Depart at 1230 Mao County, lunch, continue to set off after the meal, stop and go along the way, you can take pictures of the Tibetan village scenery 17; address Nanxin Town, Mao County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Tickets 70 yuan per person + 20 parking fees Highlights Grassland Snow Mountain Rhododendron Flower Sea Phantom Cloud Sea Recommended Route navigation Jiuding Mountain, Chengdu can be reached in 4 hours by car. The starting point of the hike is Husband and Wife Tree. If the chassis is not high enough, it is recommended to stop on the cement road and start hiking. Refer to D1 Chengdu for the route.

1 Jiuzhaigou route 1 Songpan, Wenchuan, Mao County, Dujiangyan City, Chengdu. Along the way, there are Dujiangyan, Qingcheng Front and Back Mountains, Diexi Haizi and other scenic spots where you can buy apples from Mao County. It is about 393 kilometers to Huanglong Temple, and Jiuzhaigou is 440 kilometers. The road is well repaired , basically take this route to Wenchuan, Chengdu; Songpinggou Scenic Area also has entertainment items such as cruise ships, wooden boats, small boats, barbecues and horseback riding. The good mood of the whole day is left here~Address Songpinggou Township, Xi Town, Maoxian County, Aba Prefecture Self-driving route Deyang Rongchang Expressway Chuanwen Highway navigation "Songpinggou" ticket 70 yuan per person, Dianping 58 yuan per person to enter.

3 Jiuding Mountain in Mao County Cool Theme Camping Barbecue Cool Index Jiuding Mountain is located on the east bank of the Minjiang River in Mao County. The main peak is 4969 meters above sea level. In Shibangou, which is only two or three kilometers away from Jiulongchi, there is a stone forest with strange peaks, which is unique in shape and magnificent. It is in the stone forest; Attractions: Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan, Mao County, Qiangcheng, Dagu Bingshan, Naizigou, Suomo River Canyon, Zhuokeji Chieftain, Guanzhai, Siguniang Mountain, Wolong Panda Base.

Mao County Tourist Attraction Self-Driving Tour Route

1. Songpinggou is located in Maoxian, Sichuan. Maoxian is the largest Qiang inhabited place in Sichuan. If you go to one of the ruins in this season, you can enjoy the red leaves. The most beautiful scenic spot in the scenic spot is Diexi Haizi. The main scenic spot of Pearl Beach Waterfall is Diexi Haizi, Bailahai, Wucaichibai.

2. The cost of Jiuding Mountain in Yimao County is 100 yuan per person per day. The driving mileage is 170 kilometers. The number of days is 3 days. Gu Township and southeast of Nanxin Town, more than 170 kilometers away from Chengdu, is a place for natural ecological sightseeing, leisure and vacation tourism.

3. Huanglong Huanglong is famous for the "four wonders" of colorful pools, snow mountains, canyons and forests, and the folk custom of Tanliu ancient temple is called "seven wonders". It took more than an hour, and the distance was not far, but there was a section of the national road. We drove very carefully along the way, and we had to be careful of falling rocks and traffic.

4. Songpinggou Scenic Area also has entertainment items such as cruise ships, wooden boats, small rowing boats, barbecue and horseback riding. The good mood of the whole day is left here~ Songpinggou Travel Guide Address Songpinggou, Xi Town, Maoxian County, Aba Prefecture The self-driving route in the township is Deyang Rongchang Expressway Chuanwen Highway, and you can navigate to "Songpinggou". The opening time is 8301700.

5. You can’t go to Hongyuan now. You can go to Ruoergai in the closed road construction. The scenery of the Huahu Lake in Ruoergai is very beautiful. , live in Ruoergai County at night, the next day, drive to Huahu Scenic Area in the morning, you can take a half-day tour, and drive in the afternoon.

Mao County Tourist Attractions Self-driving Tour Maoxian Tourist Attractions Self-Driving Tour Route Map

6. Route Features Ice and Snow Paradise Colorful Home Red Grassland Ecological Home Yak Hometown Tourist Paradise Itinerary Chengdu Wenchuan Mao County Heishui Dagu Glacier Hongyuan Grassland Miyaluo Chengdu On the first day, depart from Chengdu and arrive at Luhua in Heishuisu County via Youser Ancient Tibetan Village in Wenchuan Mao County On the second day, visit Dagu Glacier and enjoy the scenery along the road .

7. It is recommended to travel by car, which is convenient, fast and casual, and the cost can be saved by 400 yuan per person.

Self-driving Tour of Tourist Attractions Around Mao County

1, 1 Self-driving Tour Strategy Route 1 On the first day, Chengdu departs for Diexi Songpinggou Scenic Area, enjoys the beautiful spring scenery of Minjiang River along the way, and arrives Maoxian, stay in Maoxian County. After lunch, visit Pingtou Qiang Village and Chinese Ancient Qiang City. After breakfast on the second day, drive to Diexi Songpinggou Scenic Spot, walk or take a tour bus to visit the scenic spot Baishihai Mohai.

2. Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan is really a secret place to take the sour water. The reason is that Aba Prefecture is a tourist attraction. Malkang Songpan Jiuzhai Ruoergai Hongyuan County Mao County Wenchuan Jinchuan Xiaojin everyone knows it well, especially Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Siguniang Mountain is so radiant that it blinds the eyes of the world. No, ask about Aba Prefecture.

3. The scenic spots along the way include Siguniang Mountain, Xiongdao Base, Jiaju Zangzhai Moshi Park, Xindu Bridge, Hailuogou, etc. 2 Jiuzhaigou Ring Road Jiuzhaigou belongs to the tourist attractions in Northwest Sichuan. The autumn of Jiuzhaigou is still the same as Kana, Xinjiang Like Sri Lanka, self-drivers who have the reputation of "autumn fairy tale" and like Ruoergai Flower Lake can choose Jiuzhaigou Ring Road.

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