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1. Badaling is probably the most famous section of the Great Wall, especially when you travel to Beijing, you usually go to Badaling when you go to the Great Wall. It is more convenient to go to Yanqing. Badaling has been there twice. The first time I went there, the railway line S2 has not been opened yet. Yes; 1 Badaling Great Wall Tourist Area It is the essence of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty and the outpost of Juyongguan, an important pass of the Great Wall. The altitude is as high as 1015 meters. For tourist attractions, I followed the Zan bus on weekends. There are few people and the environment is very beautiful. I personally prefer boats, dragon boats, and kayaks. The glass plank road is my favorite. It’s not bad to see the Great Wall of Water. In the end, I climbed the highest The viewing platform overlooking the panorama is so beautiful; Beijing, as the capital, can be said to be a place with many beautiful scenery in addition to the prosperity of the city, and it is also the most famous tourist city in China, so the latest top ten tourist attractions in Beijing What are the ranking lists of scenic spots? The specific details are as follows: The Great Wall. The Jinshanling Great Wall is a first-class tourist attraction and is included in the World Cultural Heritage List. The mountains are deep and steep, peculiar and precipitous, and the architectural situation varies from mountain to mountain. There are 67 various enemy towers, two beacon towers, and five large and small passes along the route. , is the best-preserved section of the Ming Great Wall; the Jinshanling Great Wall is a national key cultural relic protection unit, a national-level scenic spot, and a national 5A-level tourist attraction, and it is included in the World Cultural Heritage List. On November 15, 1992, the Asian "flying man" Ke Shouliang drove The motorcycle successfully flew over the Jinshanling Great Wall. The Jinshanling Great Wall was built in 1368 AD, the first year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty. Pay attention to civilization, don't write and carve on the city wall, don't litter the scenic spots, Mutianyu is a clean choice that doesn't lose to Badaling, Mutianyu is a section of the Great Wall with a very long history, and it is also the longest section in China; Ningxia, Xinjiang Among them, Shaanxi Province is the province with the most abundant Great Wall resources in China. The length of the Great Wall in the territory is 1,838 kilometers. The Great Wall exceeds 10,000 kilometers, with a total length of more than 210,000 kilometers.

3.1 Great Wall Museum The Great Wall Museum of China is located in the Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area, adjacent to the Great Wall Quanzhou Cinema. The thematic museum, which fully reflects the history, military architecture, economy, culture, art and current situation of the Great Wall, was officially opened to the public free of charge on May 18, 2008. The theme is "World Miracle#x30FB; First, it attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world to visit every day, leaving the footsteps and figures of hundreds of millions of tourists here. It is really impressive to look at this great and vast project. It is best to sit; the main attractions of the Great Wall are the Badaling Great Wall located in Yanqing, Beijing. It is the most representative section of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty. It is an outpost of Juyongguan. The pass and the important barrier of the capital Beijing climb the Great Wall here, commanding a commanding view of the mountains and mountains.

4. The tourist attractions in the Great Wall, the tourist attractions in the Great Wall, that is to see the tourist attractions in the Great Wall, not as good as the Great Wall, the Great Wall is to see the Great Wall; Guanlinluguan, located 15 kilometers northeast of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, is one of the northeast passes of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty. Before 1990, it was considered to be the starting point of the eastern end of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty. It is known as one of the "Three Wonders of the Great Wall of China". Zhongyou Zhenbeitaixi has Jiayuguan and ".

5. Skoda Koroq, starting from 13.99 million, comes standard with eight major technological equipment, panoramic sunroof and large space, 455L1543L wide and expandable practical trunk, which meets the conditions You can enjoy 0 interest rate credit to support advertising. Where is the Great Wall_About how much does it cost According to the Great Wall mentioned in the article, I recommend you to go to Beijing. Among them, since Beijing is the capital of the Ming Dynasty, the Great Wall in Beijing is the most majestic and representative , especially the Badaling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall, are the best places to visit the Great Wall, so only Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and other places have turned the Great Wall into a tourist attraction. Question 6. What are the parts of the Great Wall in Beijing? Generally speaking, Beijing.

Great Wall Tourist Attraction Panoramic Great Wall Tourist Guide Self-guided Tour

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