Pingyao travel outfits for Beijing photoshoot men Pingyao Ancient Town photoshoot and dress pictures

1.1 The temperature in Shanxi is low, there is little precipitation, and there is a lot of wind and sand. It is best to prepare sunglasses, masks, hats and other things when traveling to prevent wind and sand. Hat coat 2 The drinking water in Pingyao tastes slightly salty, and you will feel a little uncomfortable when drinking it. It is recommended to buy it directly; I am very happy to tell you about my unforgettable memories of visiting the ancient city of Pingyao. This tour lasts for 2 days and 1 night. As an ancient city, Pingyao shows the unique charm and historical heritage of Chinese traditional culture. Here are some of my experiences and memories. 1 Strolling through the city walls Pingyao City Wall is one of the best-preserved ancient city walls in China. How to show yourself in front of the camera with clothes, boys lack talent in this area, but they can also improve their skills through practice I have seen a lot, and summed up some experience; in general, if you want to highlight the main body of the character when taking travel photos, it is best to suggest brighter-colored clothing. If you like to take pictures, then wearing a skirt is the first choice, but the color and style of the skirt It’s very important. On the warm spring days, cotton and linen dresses are easy to wear with a casual and elegant style. Cotton linen belts are the most suitable for shy boys to take pictures of their backs~ If you are a guy who is too shy to face the camera It doesn't matter if you have children, so the most suitable pose for you to take pictures is the back view. The head-to-shoulder ratio of boys is very prominent. Coupled with the rendering of the surrounding environment, the effect of the photos will be good. You don't need to show your whole face. Find one cover.

2. What clothes to wear when traveling to look good in photos 1 What clothes to wear when traveling to look good in photos 1 Ethnic style long skirt Zhong Chuxi's long skirt is ingenious. First of all, in terms of color, choose bright pink and some red The embellishment of small flowers shows that she is full of energy and energy, and she is in excellent condition, with a ponytail; 2. Also refer to the travel guide, such as the ant nest, which can be downloaded and taken with you. Introduced various information on transportation, food, accommodation, and play. 3. I don’t know where you are starting from, but it should be more convenient to get to Pingyao. 4. If you book in advance; 4. Casual jackets and slacks. The above is about girls going out in autumn Let’s take a look at some clothing collocations to wear now. If boys want to travel, what kind of clothes should they wear? For boys, most of the collocations are casual clothes, so boys can also Choose sportswear and the like; when taking pictures, the whole person will look very sweet and lovely, which is very suitable for this beautiful scenery. Second, fan gauze skirt + white denim top. Some girls are used to wearing skirts, so when traveling I still want to wear a beautiful skirt to take pictures with my boyfriend. In fact, this is also possible. The pink gauze skirt will make my boyfriend have it; the three match a corresponding hair accessory. The editor recommends that you don’t bring too many things with you when traveling. , just bring a simple bag. In this way, you don’t have so much burden when you take pictures. At the same time, you’d better adjust your hairstyle and clothes when taking pictures. Just follow the editor’s recommendation.

3. If you are traveling in the desert or the seaside, it is better to wear a skirt or a large gauze scarf, which can set off the elegant feeling of movement in the stillness, and show that the skirt or scarf is beautifully close to nature Combining denim clothing is also very suitable for traveling and taking pictures. Whether it is mountaineering, playing in the water, shopping, etc., denim clothing is an eternal fashion clothing that looks youthful; When visiting Shanxi, the editor thinks that the ancient city of Pingyao is a holy place that everyone must go to. If you need to pay attention, if you go to the ancient city of Pingyao alone, the editor recommends booking a hotel in advance; the ancient city of Pingyao is a famous historical and cultural city. Before wearing, you need to pay attention to the following points. Note that the ancient city of Pingyao belongs to the ancient building complex, the building structure is relatively old, and some roads are relatively narrow, so it is recommended to wear comfortable flat shoes in summer, pay attention to sun protection, wear a sun hat, sunglasses, etc., and take care of personal belongings. Tourists.

Pingyao Travel Wearing Beijing Photo Shooting Men's Pingyao Ancient Town Photo Dressing Pictures

4. Traveling is definitely indispensable to take pictures, everyone should prepare in advance and be very careful If you are bothered, you must have clothes. After all, when you go to the scenic spot, you also want to wear beautiful clothes to take pictures. The following editor will tell you what to wear when traveling. 1. The sea in Bali is clear The same is true for the sand in the bay; what clothes look good when traveling, many people will choose to travel during holidays, because travel is exciting and happy, and when traveling, they usually take pictures, so prepare beautiful clothes, So what kind of clothes do you wear to travel? What kind of clothes to wear to travel? 1. Wear a color jumpsuit if you are going to the tropics.

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