Self-driving Maitreya winter travel route How to arrange a self-driving Maitreya day trip

The driving route is about 1272 kilometers starting point Kunming City 1 Driving plan in Kunming City 1 Starting from the starting point to the west direction, driving 60 meters, turning left 2 driving 20 meters, turning left into Ji'an Street 3 driving 430 meters along Ji'an Street , turn right into Chunrong East Road 4 Drive along Chunrong East Road for 350 meters, turn left into Jin.

Departing from Kunming by car, the main route is as follows: Guangfu Road ramp, Kunming Ring Expressway, inner ring middle line, about 18 kilometers, Shankun Expressway, about 63 kilometers, ramp towards Maitreya Mengzi Wenshan Nanning, ramp Shilin Bridge, Guangkun Expressway, about 58 Kilometers from Maitreya South G326 Exit Ran Weng Road Maitreya City Self-driving.

Itinerary recommended travel photography secret collection · fixed-frame photography colorful Yunnan 6-day travel photography tour line series Kunming Maitreya East Fengyun Town Jianshui Tuanshan Village Shuanglong Bridge Mengzi Bisezhai Yuanyang Hani Terraced Fields route highlights With the camera in hand, freeze the beautiful scenery in the south of the colorful clouds and go deep into the charming town of Maitreya, witnessing the contemporary era.

Taiping Lake Forest Park is located in Mile City, Honghe Prefecture, a blessed land in southern Yunnan, with a colorful area of ​​42 square kilometers. With dense forest vegetation and high concentration of negative oxygen ions, it is a tourist and vacation center.

Ten must-see attractions in Maitreya 1 Maitreya Lake Hot Spring Hotel Maitreya Huquan Hot Spring Hotel is invested and built by Yunnan Honghe Investment Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive hotel integrating accommodation, conference, catering and entertainment. The hot spring hotel is located in Huquan The ecological garden is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with lush vegetation and fresh air, which makes people feel refreshed and happy. Red River Maitreya Lake Spring.

Self-driving Maitreya Winter Tour Route How to arrange a self-driving Maitreya one-day tour

The driving route is about 115 kilometers. 90 meters, turn left 2 and drive 150 meters, turn right 3 and drive 30 meters, turn right and enter Ran Weng Road 4 and drive 180 meters along Ran Weng Road.

Jianchuan, Jianhu, Eryuan, West Lake, Lanping, Luoguqing, Huanglianhe, Yanjin, Dousha, Guan, Weixin, Zhaotong are very interesting. There are many interesting places to travel in Yunnan. There are several routes to choose in winter, and a warmer one Of course, a colder and warmer one is to take the Xishuangbanna line, from Kunming to Dali, and then to Banna.

Yunnan is a province with many beautiful scenic spots, and it also attracts a large number of tourists every year. So which route is the best for self-driving tours in Yunnan? The best route strategy Yunnan Grand Ring Road connects 213 National Highway 214 Yunnan-Tibet Line 219 National Highway Honghe Ring Road together.

In the last month of free A-level attractions in Shanxi, do you want to take a trip? Although it may be a bit cold in some places, the ticket discounts and some scenic spots are really worth a trip. You can go to the following scenic spots in winter. There are many scenic spots in Shanxi in winter, and many places are also very popular. It's fun, give it below.

In the early morning or in the cold winter, the smoke from the pool covers the whole mountain, similar to the fairyland on earth, jasmine, milk, lemon and other different jade ponds, so that your skin can get sufficient moisture and nutrition 3 Hongheyi Yike Town, a tourist town scenic spot, is located in Yike Village, Xisan Town, Mile County. "Yike" means "auspicious place" in Arabic.

Help to adopt, thank you. Mile City is located in Honghe Prefecture In the north is the north gate of Honghe Prefecture. Like his name, Maitreya City has the largest Maitreya Buddha statue in the world, and the Jinping Mountain Scenic Area where the Buddha statue is located is the most famous Buddhist resort in southeastern Yunnan. In addition, Bailongdong Lake Spring Ecological Park and so on Each has its own characteristics and is worth lingering.

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Not in the same direction, first Kunming, then Fuxian Lake Puzhehei Lugu Lake and then directly back to Yibin, Kunming scenic spots are relatively scattered, it is recommended to charter a car tour.

Then follow me into Jilin Maitreya Temple. This is my big 75. It has been with me for more than three years. My self-driving trip Thanks to its extremely beautiful side lines and elegant lines, driving the 75 feels like a king. Changan CS75 has conquered the 75 that many people like this angle most with its stylish and majestic appearance. It looks smooth.

Self-driving route Kunming Mingxiyuan Hot Spring Resort Villa 6, Kunlu Road, West Third Ring Road, Huquan Banshan Hot Spring, Maitreya Hot Spring, can be said to be famous outside. "There are scenery in the mountains, and there are pools in the scenery". In the mid-mountain garden, surrounded by trees, it is full of wild fun.

It’s good to drive by yourself. My suggestion is to stay at Maitreya Garden Hotel. The environment there is good and cheap, and then take a hot spring at night for the second time Go to Dongfeng in the day~Pick grapes, drink red wine, buy some home-brewed drops, or go to the winery to buy a few bottles of 10-year-old wine. In the evening, go shopping on Maitreya Street, and then climb to the top of Qinglai Park.

< p>Mile self-driving tour in Mile County, Yunnan Province from Kunming to Mile mainly passes through Shilin County. The whole journey is 148 kilometers, and the driving time is about 2 hours. From Kunshi Expressway to Guangkun Expressway, the whole journey is an expressway. Please drive according to the speed limit. Pay attention Driving Safety Mile City is located in the southeast of Yunnan Province and is the northern gate of Honghe Prefecture. There are outstanding people here.

Northeast Yaxue Highway Yaxue Highway is an important transportation route for Xuexiang tourism, and it is the only and most convenient way to connect Yabuli to Harbin The nearest traffic route is also the most beautiful traffic route for snow viewing. Its front and rear extensions can connect to the beautiful scenery of Harbin Jingbo Lake, and it has become a beautiful road in Hulunbei that countless self-driving enthusiasts flock to in winter.

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