Shanghai Tourism Listed Company Shanghai Tourism Listed Leading Enterprise

There are more than 400 listed companies in Shanghai, and the top ten companies by total market capitalization are Oriental Wealth Arowana, Bank of Communications, Weil, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, SAIC Group, China Pacific Baosteel, Guotai Junan Haitong Securities.

According to my inquiry, as of June 2019, there are 3 listed tourism hotel companies in Shanghai, namely Country Garden Tourism Hotel Jiuyang Group and Shanghai Kaiyue Tourism Culture Development Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Leshi Travel Agency Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai on December 17, 2015, and was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on July 17, 2016. As a middle-aged and elderly tourism brand in the tourism industry, relying on With a complete industrial system for the elderly and the group's more than 10 years of industry experience, it has quickly entered the field of middle-aged and elderly tourism since its establishment, and has grown steadily.

Shanghai Tourism Listed Company Shanghai Tourism Listed Leading Enterprise

Shanghai Baishiying Tourism Co., Ltd., established in 2009 and located in Shanghai, is a company engaged in business services Business-oriented enterprises with a registered capital of 70 million yuan and a paid-in capital of 70 million yuan. Through big data analysis of the operating conditions, Shanghai Baishiying Tourism Co., Ltd. has invested in a total of 22 enterprises. In addition.

1 Jin Jiang International Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jin Jiang International Travel Co., Ltd. is a listed company under Jin Jiang International Group Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in travel agency business. It has integrated the former Shanghai China International Travel Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jin Jiang Travel Co., Ltd. Shanghai Huating Overseas Travel Company, Shanghai Travel Agency, etc. Shanghai International.

Referred to as Shanghai International Travel Service, it was restructured into a listed company. The full name is Shanghai International Travel Service Co., Ltd., that is, the B shares of China Travel Service are now merged into Shanghai Jinjiang Group by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and joined Jinjiang Tourism Company, a subsidiary of the former Jinjiang Group, and renamed it Shanghai Jin Jiang International Travel Co., Ltd., referred to as Jin Jiang International Travel Co., Ltd., was renamed Shanghai International Travel Service, a subsidiary of Shanghai International Travel Service.

Today, let’s take a look at SSAW, a listed company in the tourism hotel industry. Treasure information List of leading stocks in the tourism and hotel industry 1 From the perspective of the company, the company introduces Junting.

Shanghai is a world-renowned tourist city, and travel agencies are an indispensable part of the tourism industry. Based on the base of foreign tourists, it provides a variety of travel services such as individual tourist groups. 2 China Youth Travel Service was established in .

Eight systems and N subsystems are the top-level design of the integrated Emeishan smart tourism. At the same time, the company created the first Baidu direct account in the Chinese tourism industry, developed a scenic spot mobile app and a WeChat public platform based on the "Emeishan Portable Guide" ", making Mount Emei the first 5A-level scenic spot in the country where the "light application" is launched.

Recognized leaders in the development of commercial and tourism real estate were Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town and Shanghai Shangtou Industrial Co., Ltd., in addition to the main owners of Chinese companies Disneyland, Hebei Jijing Real Estate, CapitaLand, Shanghai Xintiandi The developer Shui On Group, as well as Anjuke, etc.

The following information comes from corporate credit bureaus. For more detailed corporate risk data, the company’s official website, company profile, you can search on it. For more company recruitment information, please refer to the company’s official website# 8226 Company Profile Shanghai Saibo Oriental Tourism Industry Investment Co., Ltd. was established in 20160127 with a registered capital of 0.

A If you want data on turnover, according to the statistics on the website of Shanghai Tourism Bureau, the top five are NO1 Shanghai Spring International Travel Service Co., Ltd. NO2 Shanghai Jinjiang International Travel Co., Ltd. NO3 Shanghai China Youth Travel Service Co., Ltd. NO4 Shanghai China Travel Service Co., Ltd. NO5 China International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Half a year has passed in the blink of an eye, the domestic epidemic situation is gradually stabilizing, and the tourism industry is slowly picking up. Many hotel and entertainment venues are also showing signs of vitality, and they have launched seasonal activities and preferential offers to stay at home for half a year For you, if you can't hold back the mood of going out and wandering, you might as well take a look at the nearest city before going out.

Reliable According to the collection of staff and friends, Shanghai New Jinqiao International Travel Agency is a private tourism company with legal personality approved by the National Tourism Administration and Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce. Immigrant has formed strategic partnerships with well-known groups in East China such as large tourism portals and Country Garden.

The third step of financing in this market is to give full play to the financing role of Shanghai Tourism Co., Ltd., and to use the role of stock issuance of listed companies to raise more funds. The fourth is to actively strive for tourism with better economic benefits Enterprises further create conditions to go public as soon as possible, issue stocks, actively seek loans, and actively strive for investment in the tourism industry.

Second, the better domestic travel agency Shanghai Datong Travel Agency Shanghai Legend Travel Agency Shanghai Airlines Travel Network, China Youth Travel Service, Spring International Travel Service, CITIC International, etc. PS Generally speaking, no matter whether it is a large travel agency or a small travel agency It is not a big club that sends out its own group because it is big, so the circuit design is very popular.

The better travel agencies around Shanghai, Legend Travel Agency, Shanghai Airlines Travel Network, Datong Travel Agency, Shanghai Haixin, Shanghai Xiehe, etc. PS travel agencies that do Shanghai surrounding tours spend more energy than ordinary travel agencies, because they are not The packaging is handed over to the "ground pick-up", so the work of purchasing and wiring is very heavy, from their website.

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