Taigu District Travel Guide What are the tourist places in Taigu District

1. The layout of the landscape can be divided into three parts. In the middle part, enter the Jinci Temple gate, start from the water mirror platform, pass the Huixian Bridge Jinrentai, face the Yuefang Bell and Drum Tower, offer the fish marsh flying beams, and reach the Notre Dame Hall. This is the Jinci Temple The northern part of the main body starts from Wenchang Palace; when you travel to Shanxi, you might as well bring some home to your family and friends to taste Guilingji Taigu Guilingji, which has the functions of strengthening the body, strengthening the brain, adjusting nerves, promoting metabolism, and enhancing body vitality. Jiji is one of the honorary products of Shanxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Factory, a precious heritage in the treasure house of medicine in the motherland, and one of the major domestically produced medicines; 2 Playing strategy We entered the city from the north gate, and there were tourists everywhere. Many sightseeing bus drivers greeted us Going to the scenic spot by car, we politely declined. My family prefers to take a walk to feel the rich cultural atmosphere. My little nephew has started live streaming his free trip on Aauto sooner. The most famous scenic spot on this street is; yes, also Yes, Taigu cakes are also worth buying. Others Pingyao Taiyuan take National Highway 108 or Dayun Expressway, the whole journey is 110 kilometers. The fare is 180, and the bus price for a journey of 550 kilometers is one yuan for a human-powered tricycle.

2. When visiting, you need to take a student ID card to enjoy the discount. The city wall, ticket number, Chenghuang Temple, Ming and Qing Street, and the county government are the most worth seeing. There is also a time-honored brand under the Ming and Qing market buildings. Its rice wine and snacks are worth buying. Don’t buy beef. You can stop and go for a day in Taiyuan. It starts after 5:30. In the key scenic spots of six counties, districts and cities including Lingshi, there are a series of folk art activities with strong characteristics during the Spring Festival, such as lifting the pavilion, carrying sticks on the back, lighting the fire, setting the fire, twisting the fire, living the dragon, hanging the auspicious lantern, the small flower opera, the eight-tone meeting, etc. Folk culture, we have to mention the name "; like Xi'an, its city wall is quite well preserved, and you can go up after buying a pass, which is much more cost-effective than Xi'an's fare. Moreover, the city is full of Ming and Qing buildings, and the preservation is quite complete. If there is no If other tourists are here, they will really think that the tourists who have passed through Xi'an account for almost 30% of the tourists in Pingyao.

3. Detailed travel guide information and preferential tickets can be provided Price purchase channels, ask TA questions, pay attention to expand all this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday together, how are you going to spend this holiday? Are you going to travel in China? The following places are highly recommended for everyone to try Yo, they are all relatively popular tourist cities; come out of Jinci Temple and go straight to Taigu County, the journey takes about one hour, and it is already after 6 pm when we arrive in Taigu County to find a hotel for accommodation, because it is very convenient to find accommodation with Meituan, and we can stay in Yi Jing Express Hotel, the price is not expensive, the environment is clean and hygienic, and you can take a bath for free. Even after driving for a hard day, you have to have a small celebration at night. There are wine and meat; I suggest going to places that girls like to go\x0d\ x0a1Xintiandi North America\x0d\x0a 1The level of consumption depends on what you eat and what you buy\x0d\x0a 2The location is at the southeast intersection of Changfeng Street and Changzhi Road\x0d\x0a 3The reason is that I went to Xintiandi North America and felt that Taiyuan is also big; to the south You can go to Taigu Sanduotang, which is known as the folk palace, and there are many treasures and cultural relics. I only recommend you to go to Jiexiu’s Wang Family Courtyard, because it is the best preserved among all Shanxi Merchants’ courtyards. Although the one with the largest area is not as famous as the Qiao Family Courtyard, I personally think it is better than the Qiao Family Courtyard; Jingsheng Wang Family, one of the four major families in Lingshi County in history, was promoted to the Wang Family in Kangxi Yongzheng Built during the reign of Qianlong and Jiaqing, with a total area of ​​more than 250,000 square meters, the two major architectural complexes of Gaojiaya Red Gate Fort and Wang's Ancestral Hall are now open as "Chinese Folk House Art Museum" and "Chinese Wang's Museum".

Travel strategy in Taigu District What are the places to visit in Taigu

4. Chang Zhonglin, the ancestor of the Chewangchang family, was founded by Taigu Hui'an in the early years of Hongzhi in the Ming Dynasty Moved here to work as a shepherd. During the Kangxi and Qianlong years of the Qing Dynasty, the seventh ancestor Chang Jinquan began to do business, and the eighth ancestor Chang Wei led the ninth Wanji Wanda to engage in commercial activities and made a lot of profits. Gradually, the Chang family became a prominent family in Jinzhong. A strong force of the group began to build large-scale residential compound Changwan; located in the center of tourist attractions such as the Qiao Family Courtyard in the ancient city of Pingyao Qixian County, the Qu Family Courtyard, Taigu Cao Family Courtyard and other scenic spots are in a pollution-free source The central location of the 10,000-mu orchard garden has moderate temperature and humidity, and sufficient water sources. It has the characteristics of the northern scenery of the mountains, the Jiangnan water town in the lake area, and the rural scenery around. They are all fully enclosed castle-like buildings on the high loess slope, with a total of 231 large and small courtyards, 2078 houses, and an area of ​​more than 80,000 square meters. Ingeniously distributed according to the feudal hierarchy.

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