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1 Taizhou Tiantai Mountain Scenic Spot is located in Tiantai Mountain in the central and eastern part of Zhejiang Province. Jigong's hometown is famous 2 Tiantai Nanping Tourist Attraction Tiantai Nanping Tourist Attraction is located in Tiantai County.

Tiantai Nanping Tourist Scenic Spot Nanping Tourist Scenic Spot is located at the southwest end of Tiantai County. Waterfalls and Youxi are cool and the leaves fall in abundance in autumn, just like the snow-wrapped winter in a painting, it is extraordinarily enchanting Nanping Brigade.

Yungu Temple is located on the top of Tiantai Mountain. The style of the group is also very unique, showing the characteristics of traditional architecture in southern China, and it is a site of great cultural value.

Tiantai Nanping Tourist Scenic Spot is located at the southwest end of Tiantai County. The leaves fall in abundance in the cool autumn, just like the snow-wrapped winter scenery in the painting, it is an extraordinarily enchanting rural tourist scene in the back bank.

There are thousand-year-old ancient temple Guoqing Temple, Shiliang Scenic Area, Huading Scenic Area, Qiongtai Fairy Valley, Jigong Former Residence, Hanshan Lake, Longchuanxia Scenic Area and other scenic spots. This is half landscape, half Zen The poetic place, the beauty has become a colorful map of spring, I strongly recommend friends from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai to add it to their favorites! On Chicheng Mountain, the redbuds blooming all over the mountain are pink.

Guoqing Temple is located at the foot of Huading Mountain. It is one of the famous ancient temples in my country. The temple is located in Jingzhou, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, and Yuquan Temple is located in Dangyang County, Hubei Province.

What are the recommended tourist attractions in Taizhou that are suitable for autumn travel? Next, I will introduce them in detail to my friends. Let's see 1 rooftop? Guoqing Temple Guoqing Temple has a history of more than 1400 years.

A large building complex with an area of ​​square meters and more than 600 houses. It has four longitudinal axes as the main body, including the Maitreya Buddha Hall, the Yuhua Hall, and the Daxiong Hall.

3 Shiliang Scenic Spot is 23 kilometers away from the county seat. Among the mountains and green valleys, the area of ​​the scenic spot is 21 square kilometers, and the total length of the green valley is more than 1,800 meters. ""Ten thousand years turtle elephant" primitive wood lotus forest, "Yingzhen bathing pond" and more about the tourist attractions on the rooftop.

The scenic spot is not too big, you can walk around it, the water flow of the waterfall is larger during the rainy season or after the rain, and the scenery is more spectacular Address Shiliang Town, Tiantai County, Taizhou City Tickets for adults are 55 yuan per person, preferential tickets are 30 yuan per person 7 Taizhou Fucheng Cultural Tourism Zone Taizhou Fucheng Cultural Tourism Zone is highlighted by the Jiangnan Great Wall, which was originally Taizhou Fucheng.

Top ten must-see scenic spots in Taizhou: Tiantai Mountain Shenxianju Scenic Spot Taizhou Ocean World Yong'an River Leisure Greenway Back Bank Rural Residence Yuhuan Xuanmen Bay Agricultural Sightseeing Park Nanping Tourist Scenic Spot Dalu Island Longwan Seaside Scenic Spot Jiangnan Great Wall 1 Tiantai Mountain Tiantai Mountain is the most interesting tourist attraction in Taizhou, the main peak of which is Huading Mountain.

Recommended tourist attractions in Tiantai One-day tour in Tiantai tourist attractions

Tiantai Mountain tourist attraction is a national 5A-level tourist attraction, including Guoqing and Shiliang. Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province is located in Tiantai Mountain in the east-central part of Zhejiang Province in the north, bordering Ninghai Sanmen in the east, Pan'an in the west, Xianju Linhai in the south, and Xinchang Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area in the north. The total area is 1871 square kilometers, including Guoqing.

Tiantai Mountain has more than one place in China. The simplification of Chinese characters is the reason why there are so many dazzling "Tiantai Mountains" in China. In history, Tiantai Mountain refers specifically to Tiantai Mountain in Zhejiang. "The character reads "fetal", and the other "Tai" characters in Tiantai Mountain are all traditional Chinese characters "Tai", so it is authentic to read "Li".

3 Shepan Island is located in Sanmen County, Taizhou City in the east of Zhejiang Province. The island covers an area of ​​174 square kilometers. It is the largest island cave scenic spot in China. Tiantai Nanping Tourist Attraction Level 4 Tiantai Nanping Scenic Spot Nanping Scenic Spot is located in the southwest of Tiantai County.

3 Qiongtai Xiangu is located at the foot of Tongbai Mountain in Tiantai County, Taizhou City. It is a typical granite geological landscape. The clear and transparent stream is the main scenic line of the scenic spot. The mountains on both sides face each other, the mountains are towering and steep, the peaks are numerous, and the strange rocks are staggered.

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