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When it comes to Changsha food, I have to mention Huangxing Pedestrian Street. When you walk in Huangxing Pedestrian Street, you can see dense neon signs on the wall, like the scene of Spirited Away Food City, very Chinese cyberpunk It is also a pleasant travel experience to come to Changsha. What must-eat foods in Changsha Want Want Snacks_Locals.

Recommended dish hot and sour plum fish carving plum buckle meat plum wine costs ¥88 per person Evaluation Meizijing Restaurant is not particularly conspicuous in a small alley on Renmin Road, but it seems to have a long history. The house plum wine is a must! Divided into 3 years, 5 years and 10 years of aging, you can taste it first and then buy it, or you can.

Guilin is a famous tourist city. Next, let’s talk about the delicious food in Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi. , The beer uses the fish in the Li River water, so the Li River beer fish in Yangshuo, Guilin is more delicious, and the fish tastes very delicious.

I don’t have high requirements for food. I can’t eat seafood in Dalian in July and August, but the scallops in Dalian are good, but there are a few places in Dalian that you must go to. 1 Starfish Sea in Dalian , Binhai Road Golden Pebble Beach I personally think that Golden Pebble Beach Lushun must go, even I who grew up by the sea think the sea of ​​Dalian Golden Pebble Beach.

Food recommendation Yulin Chuan Chuanxiang, it is a pity not to eat Chuan Chuan in Chengdu, not to eat Yulin Chuan Chuan is a regret in the regret Wei chicken, a good and cheap shop, cold chicken is worth recommending 4 Dujiangyan Yu Qiuyu said that the greatest project in the world is not the Great Wall, but Dujiangyan. Because of it, Chengdu has become a land of abundance.

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Chu River and Han Street has a beautiful night scene, there are many brands, and the play time is 15 hours. Wuhan Food Raider is double on the third day Baohong Youniu series is an old store. It is next to the vegetable market. The beef noodles are very spicy, and the taste is different from Yuji's. It has a hint of sweetness, but it is also delicious. The brown sugar flavor of Liji crispy dumplings, Take a light bite.

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