What are the best months to travel to Shanghai What are the best months to travel to Shanghai

1. Spring is the best season in East China. April, May, May and June will catch up with Huangmeitian, which is uncomfortable; the best season in Shanghai is spring and autumn, and the months are May, October, November, and December It is cold from April to April, and it will be even more uncomfortable if it encounters continuous rain. June is Huangmei, humid and hot, 789 days are too hot, and it will be over if it encounters a typhoon; Shanghai is a very popular tourist city, come in November For Shanghai travel, I recommend Shanghai Sheshan National Forest Park. Here, there are beautiful broad-leaved plants and wild sika deer. In November 2020, my colleagues and I came to Shanghai for a business trip. By the way, we visited the forest park. The biggest feeling is the natural landscape and a sense of intimacy. Below, Come with me; it is suitable to travel to Shanghai all year round. Shanghai is a place known as the magical capital, where Eastern and Western cultures blend together. The Western buildings on the Bund and the skyscrapers in Pudong complement each other. In spring, everything grows, the green grass is colorful, people's spirits are more vigorous, and they go everywhere; the best time to travel in Shanghai is 35 months and 9 November, that is, spring and autumn, and December 12. The winter in Shanghai is relatively cold , the temperature during the day is generally maintained at around a few degrees. Due to the high humidity, the body feels cool, and sometimes it is colder indoors than outdoors. Tourists should pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm. Winter is not the peak season for Shanghai tourism, air tickets and hotels; it is most suitable to come to Shanghai in spring for the following reasons 1. The weather in Shanghai is hot in summer, and there will be moldy rain in the south of the Yangtze River. 2. There are autumn tigers in autumn, and the weather is also very hot. 3. The temperature in winter is unstable. Shanghai has an oceanic climate. Clothes are inconvenient 4, so I came to Shanghai in April and May; about the tourist attractions of May 1st in Shanghai, I will temporarily recommend it to my friends. During the May 1st period, many places are crowded with people, so try to prepare a backup plan. Related Recommendations Shanghai Fengjing Ancient Town Shanghai Fengjing Ancient Town Raiders What Months to Travel to Shanghai The best March is Shanghai Travel Shanghai Zhujiajiao Travel Raiders Zhujiajiao Ancient Town.

What months are the best months to travel to Shanghai What are the best months to travel to Shanghai

2. Spring and autumn are generally suitable for visiting Shanghai, that is, 3 May, September and November are the best time to visit Shanghai. The climate in Shanghai during these two periods is pleasant, neither hot nor cold, which is very suitable for outdoor activities, especially in 35 months, when the grass grows. Flying is suitable for outings in the suburbs, watching peach blossoms and willows because of Shanghai; Shanghai travel seasons The best time to travel in Shanghai is spring and autumn, usually March and September. The cherry blossoms in Gucun Park and the tulips in the Shanghai Flower Harbor are in full bloom, which is the best time to enjoy the flowers. Autumn is when the red leaves are all over the sky; the best time to travel in Shanghai has different answers according to different needs. If you are traveling in the countryside, try to avoid July and August. In hot weather, if you are traveling in the suburbs combined with science and technology museums, it should be suitable for reference every month; it is better to go to Shanghai in May and October every year, and the climate is suitable.

3. If you want a suitable temperature, the weather in Wuzhen, Suzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou and October is the most comfortable in May and October. Suzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Wuzhen tourism all have their own characteristics. If you want the temperature to be suitable, April, May and September; for Shanghai tourism, the most suitable months to travel are April, May, October, and November. At this time, the climate is the most pleasant, but it is best to pay attention Avoid the May 1st and 11th holidays, because there are too many tourists.

4. Both are more suitable, depending on personal preferences Comfort means that if you come to Shanghai in spring from March to May, and October and November, in addition to the comfortable climate, a hundred flowers will also start to bloom. You can do a lot of flower-themed trips, such as tulips, plum blossoms, and peach blossoms. Autumn The weather is also very comfortable, and it’s here; the temperature in April and June is just right, the flowers and plants are blooming, the scenery is good, and the temperature in September and November is also more suitable, and the autumn air is also suitable for travel. Known as the "Oriental Paris", Shanghai is a modern city, but it also has traditions. Shanghai, a Shanghai-style cultural city with cultural characteristics, has rich human resources, charming city style, and prosperous commercial streets.

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