What code is needed to travel to Shanghai What code is needed to travel to Shanghai

1. Safety currently does not require nucleic acid and itinerary codes, and you can travel anywhere normally. Now it is safe to travel to Shanghai. , of course you can travel to Shanghai. Of course, if you can still choose to travel to Shanghai in normal times, it is best not to travel on holidays. There are too many people. At present, traveling to Shanghai requires a health code, and only the green code is available. Moreover, in some places, a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours is required. It is recommended to consult the relevant local authorities in Shanghai.

2. Shanghai can enter and exit normally, but whether you enter or exit Shanghai by train, high-speed rail or plane, you need to hold a 48-hour negative nucleic acid certificate to enter and exit Shanghai. You need a health code and green code itinerary card to be normal To pass through, you need to report after arriving in Shanghai-now there are people who come and go to Shanghai from foreign medium and high-risk areas; you don’t need to go through any procedures when traveling in Shanghai, just bring your ID card, cash, and bank card are enough; 4 As for money, going to Shanghai is similar to ordinary travel. If you travel in a group, you don’t need to bring too much money. You’d better consider your spending power and where you can spend the money. You need to bring more money. The cash you need to bring, I usually only bring 200, and the maximum is 300.

What kind of nucleic acid do you need to travel to Shanghai

3. Shanghai is well controlled now, and there is no problem in traveling to Shanghai. But if you are in an area where the epidemic is severe, it is best not to leave your place of residence, and come to Shanghai for tourism after the epidemic eases; Shanghai, a fashionable pioneer city, a city leading the trend of the times, is gorgeous, noble and elegant, and it will always hold its head high The world proclaims the prosperity of China, and more and more people go to Shanghai for self-guided tours to feel the charm of the metropolis. But what do you need to bring to Shanghai for self-guided tours? First of all, the most important thing is to have a GPS navigator; low-risk areas in July 2021 You can travel to Shanghai, but it is not recommended to go to Shanghai due to the epidemic situation in Nanjing. On July 29, the Shanghai Municipal Prevention and Control Office issued a notice. Report to your place of residence as soon as possible after arriving in Shanghai and no more than 12 hours; if necessary, there is a health code in the Alipay application, select the region as Shanghai, and the Suishen code will appear, showing the Suishen code at the train station or tourist attraction is green Yes; does Shanghai not belong to the mainland? If you are a Chinese citizen and live in the mainland of China, then you can go to Shanghai casually. Shanghai belongs to the inland, regardless of the name. You need a Hong Kong and Macau Pass to go to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Good luck; when you travel to Shanghai, you must prepare a strategy first, know where you are going to play in advance, and then remember some precautions. You must pay attention to that there will be some when you are in the subway station. People ask you to borrow money, but they usually don’t ask you to borrow money directly. First, they say that they are foreigners and don’t know how to take the subway to ask you for a certain place; if you leave Shanghai now, the health code will not change color, because you need it It takes 14 days to change the color. After all, people who come back from the epidemic area must maintain a 14-day quarantine before it is very serious; if you travel to Shanghai now, as long as you have not lived in a medium-high risk area or have a history of overseas travel in the past 14 days, you can rely on Health codes and body temperature measurements do not need to provide nucleic acid certificates.

4. The health code needed to go to Shanghai is the "Suishen Code" Suishen Code, which is one of the important measures for the refined management of Shanghai's mega-city. Provide multi-channel living services to Shanghai citizens. At present, the "Health Code" in most areas relies on the APP WeChat payment developed by them; , you can enjoy ticket discounts for some scenic spots. For more information on what documents are required for traveling to Shanghai, enter html? zd.

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