What is the abbreviation of Hangzhou Bar?

1. CLUB is the full name of a nightclub, nightclub, and BAR is a bar. In fact, the two are different, so a bar just refers to a BAR or a PUB, and a CLUB is actually a nightclub rather than a bar; Wenjie ft bar wall CNC flexible use to redefine the lighting vision is a white party. The owner of the shop is Douyin net red Tong Jincheng and others. It is located in Dongwen Street, Gongshu District, Hangzhou. This is a new landmark of Hangzhou. Attracting the attention of many people, there is an Internet celebrity effect without much publicity; the entertainment venue Hangzhou Cointreau Bar is an old gay entertainment venue in Zhejiang, and it is also one of the well-known gay bars in China. The environment, high-end supporting facilities and thoughtful service welcome guests from all over the world; if a person’s 24-hour work and rest are divided into three parts, 8 hours of work and study, 8 hours of rest and sleep, and 8 hours of entertainment and leisure. If you are interested in electronic music culture Players will not hesitate to devote 13 hours of entertainment time a day to it, which is the origin of the name ONE THIRD. Hangzhou OT bar is the most popular in East China; after the re-installation this year, with the advantage of the new venue, it naturally attracted a large number of night clubs to quit The team, including many excellent employees, is now in a booming business at the Universal Mansion. It is also a good experience to go to the new venue. This Hangzhou business KTV Universal Mansion is very comfortable. It is suitable for business negotiations or gatherings of friends. Address; No. 2, Baochu Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou City 2G + PLUS four-star per capita consumption 150. Infested crowd fashion male and female comments. After the renovation, the bar continues to be very hot. It feels that the shark is not as big as before. It belongs to a high-end club-type bar. It's very lively and there are many girls, everyone will advance.

2. The bar is called Laba, which means that you can relax a little bit in the bar, release your inner pressure, and improve your work efficiency. BABY PERY is abbreviated as bp, the second store of Boomshake Bar in Hangzhou, located on the 3rd floor of Guoda City Plaza, Yan'an Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou. Hangzhou Boomshake Bar Kerry Center to Guoda City Plaza, crossing a distance of 1KM, spanning an era of parties with the same frequency, brand incubation by the original team of BOOMSHAKE Hangzhou, referred to as "Hangzhou"; per capita 300 yuan Address South Gate of Huanglong Sports Center, Xihu District 2Hangzhou Queen's Bar club Queen The most popular bar in Hangzhou, CLUB QUEEN, is located at No. 2 Baochu Road, Hangzhou, beside the Broken Bridge.

Hangzhou bar is referred to as Hangzhou bar, what is referred to as Hangzhou bar

3. Adults can go to Hangzhou pitch bar. Enter, so adults can go to the pitch bar in Hangzhou. The consumption price is relatively low, and the players are highly active. English CLUB means nightclub, which refers to a place open all night for entertainment. Nightclub is NightClub, often referred to as Club, and bar is Bar. The club is also mistakenly called a bar. Generally, the store signs at the entrance should clearly state whether it is a CLUB or a BARN. Nightclub usually operates at night, opening at night and early in the morning.

4. Bar Qing Bar refers to the kind of bar that mainly focuses on light music and does not have DISCO or hot dance girls. The bar refers to the consumption place that provides beer, wine, foreign wine and cocktails. It is a bar Hangzhou, which generally refers to Hangzhou City, Hangzhou, Hangzhou for short; VOGUE opened on April 30, 2009. It was another blockbuster that Jinbihuanghuangguang threw to the Hangzhou bar industry after G+. The translation of VOGUE means fashion. G+ was originally in Hangzhou. Fashionable enough, VOGUE is another pinnacle work launched on top of G+, and the VOGUE team is ready to land in Shanghai, Shanghai; +CXW33R Hangzhou ONE THIRD, referred to as Hangzhou OT, is a subsidiary of Beijing Shisan Group, launched in June 2019 Opened on 28, the address is located at No. 85, Xinbei Street, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou City. It was transformed from a wide and long abandoned single-family factory building. The design of the industrial style, the ingenious steel style, and the steel decoration of various shapes are all over the venue; the advanced type According to Tianyan Check, Hangzhou FT Bar is a high-end bar. The owner of FT Bar is jointly opened by Douyin Internet celebrity Tong Jincheng. This new landmark of Hangzhou has attracted the attention of many insiders for a while; Hangzhou's entertainment The industry is relatively developed in the whole country. The nightlife in Hangzhou is very rich. Basically, there are all kinds of bars. Now the popular ones are 88, g+, Phoebe, Paramount, Gaga and so on.

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