What is the specification of Beijing tourism logo What is the specification of Beijing tourism logo

For a single scenic spot on the expressway, the slab surface of 4m×5m is referred to as category B. For two scenic spot spots, the slab surface of 34m×54m is referred to as category A for the expressway, and the slab surface of 51m× The 54m specification board surface is referred to as C-class national road and provincial road for short; the logo of China Tourism is a horse stepping on a flying swallow. It is written in Chinese, German, French, Japanese, and English with the pattern of a horse stepping on a flying swallow and the outer circle arranged in a clockwise direction. The "China Tourism" text consists of two parts.

The tourism identification system should have important functions such as guidance, explanation and instructions. Important links in the development layout 1. The entrance of the scenic spot; 1. The size of the body should be determined according to the actual needs of the scenic spot environment, the browsing distance of tourists and the characteristics of the building structure. The physical size must comply with the relevant specifications and the opinions of relevant departments should be solicited. 2 The text size should be determined according to the on-site specification factors set by the logo.

The design standards, first of all, must conform to the scenic spot specifications, and secondly, conform to the brand positioning. Tourism signs refer to the visual, auditory, tactile and other sensory factors specified in the scenic spot identification system in the scenic spot environment, so as to convey the scenic spots The symbol design of cultural connotation, the focus of logo design is to convey the management of the cultural scenic spot of the scenic spot; Beijing Happy Valley is a themed ecological park built in four years. It is the regional leader of Beijing's cultural industry and a classic of China's modern tourism. It has become an important symbol of Beijing's experiential tourism with its fashionable, dynamic, joyful and dreamy humanistic charm. Beijing's tourist attractions recommend NO3 Ming Tombs reason for tomb robbery.

Abstract generalization The logo of the Beijing Tourism Bureau adopts methods such as simplification, refinement, generalization and exaggeration to abstract and deform it to make it artistic, so it is an abstract generalization. Beijing, referred to as "Jing", is the capital of the People's Republic of China One of the four central municipalities, the second largest city in the country; Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White 1 Red Scenic Spot Logo The red light wave is the longest, with strong penetrating power, and has a strong impact on human vision. Most of the colors of tourist attraction signs are used Tourism red, reddish brown is soft and stable, the visual impact is not as strong as big red, but it is also very eye-catching. 2 blue scenic spot logo blue.

Which building is the symbol of Beijing’s tourism image?

It is the most easily visually recognizable tourist attraction or tourist attraction in the tourism industry, and the most influential representative is like a horse stepping on a flying swallow It is the symbol of the tourism industry, and it means that the Tianma accompanied the owner to gallop the world, which means that the tourist is a loyal partner. The Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall are the symbols of Beijing's tourism.

As the theme of current scenic spot logo design, text itself is a kind of graphic symbol, which has the function of conveying emotion, expressing thoughts and recording language, and is also considered to be the most fundamental, stable and vital design element. It is a symbol commonly used in the sign symbol system of tourist attractions and scenic spots.

Green is used in a wide range of guidance systems. White will appear on signs of urban road signs, emergency passage signs, and tourist attractions. From a contrast point of view, a sense of expansion can be bright, clean and pure, which can make it white.

The design method of the Beijing Tourism Bureau’s logo

1. The meaning of the Beijing tourism logo logo is that the main element of Beijing’s landmark building, the Temple of Heaven, is surrounded by a villain dancing with a red ribbon, expressing festive tourism The logo of China Tourism is the image of a Pegasus. Its head is raised slightly to the left, its head is roaring, its feet are galloping forward, and it is galloping. The bird behind the Pegasus also looks back to express its shock.

2. The main body of the horse stepping on the flying swallow is composed of three parts: the beacon tower of the Great Wall, the earth and the Chinese tourism symbol. The Great Wall Beacon Tower is not only a symbol of the Great Wall of China, but also a symbol of a castle, which shows that China has a long history of tourism.

3. The logo of the Beijing Tourism Bureau, the designer cleverly transformed the word "Beijing" into the Temple of Heaven, combining the location and typical tourist attractions into one Survival Island logo, the mother "S"" CD” letters form the image of a sailing boat, which looks vigorous and dynamic. Design method of the logo #8226 1 Concrete expression.

4. China's tourism symbol is "horse stepping on flying swallows". "The name was determined by the National Tourism Administration as a graphic symbol of China's tourism industry, and it has been used to this day.

Beijing Tourism Logo Specifications What are the Beijing Tourism Logo Specifications

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