What to wear when traveling abroad in Italy, what to wear when traveling abroad in Italy

In front of this gradual sea view, wearing a blue-purple elegant dress, which blends with the red sand beach, is really strong yumi kim Kitsch Blue-roofed church wedding dress When it comes to Holy Island, you must think of the blue-roofed church. Blue and white interpret all the romance of Santorini, presumably every couple of lovers wants to take a wedding dress here.

1 In areas with mature tourism industry, some hotels have relatively old equipment. Please understand that 2 hotel rooms generally have pay TV, telephone and paid drinks and snacks. Misunderstandings occur from time to time. 3. Italians are used to drinking cold water. Generally, there is no hot water kettle in the room. 4. Pay attention to electricity and water.

In Hong Kong, it is indispensable to check in Chunjiao and Zhiming’s Central Pier, blowing the sea breeze, taking a walk, very casual and comfortable, and the sunset is also very beautiful. I chose a khaki skirt and a white T-shirt , and a simple match with contrasting color canvas shoes Hong Kong Choi Hung Estate This is one of the earliest public housing estates in Hong Kong, located in Wong Tai Sin.

Sisley’s situation is the same as that of Steven Li Beneton. Buying in Italy is definitely cheaper than the domestic market, and the goods here are different from those seen in China. There are many types of local goods in Italy. Each branch will be different, and you will definitely be able to buy styles that will never be repeated after you return to your country* Furla is an Italian that is unattainable in China.

1 Changing the appearance of clothes according to the occasion is of great significance in the fashion empire. Italians believe that well-fitting and clean clothes are a manifestation of a person's good self-cultivation, especially in Milan and Florence. Everyone will be a walking guide to dressing but Tourists for the purpose of sightseeing still focus on leisure, walking for a long time on the ancient bricks and stones in Italy.

First of all, let's analyze the outfit chosen by the sexy lady in the picture. Is it very light, sexy and charming, fashionable and versatile, the effect of going out like this is simply Absolutely, she chose a khaki tight top for her top. The color is khaki, which is very mature and stable, making people look good.

1 When talking about traveling, the first thing many girls think of is to see the sea. It is a very romantic thing to take a walk with the one you love by the sea. If you are on the seaside, our first choice for girls It's the skirt. A bohemian-style long skirt can show femininity. Wearing such an elegant long skirt is also very beautiful.

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Let Nadamas wear simple and feminine clothes she is young and simple , the long hair hangs casually on the shoulders and FRENCH CHIC still follows the minimalist style in terms of clothing color matching, mainly in neutral colors. British fashion blogger Lizzy Hadfield's French dress, French ELLE magazine editor Sabina Socol, Delta Jeanne.

Both men and women are not allowed to wear shorts, short skirts or sleeveless shirts to visit churches or Catholic museums It is only open until noon, and other branches are closed on Sundays and holidays until 1400.

When a girl travels to Italy alone, she needs to consider more aspects of life. According to foreign travel language communication is the basic requirement. If a girl travels to Italy alone but has language communication problems, it is recommended not to rule it out alone For language and communication issues, girls also need to bring the necessary medicines and go to Italy to meet the season.

In Europe at the end of the Middle Ages, there was a kind of exquisite black velvet. Clothes made of this calm color were very popular in Italy and France. Medieval Christianity in black, the Beladies in black represent poverty and humility in the medieval church.

6 Digital camera or DV, Italy is a big tourist country, if you don’t have this to leave a souvenir for you, is it a bit wronged, what can you take to help you recall your unforgettable study abroad life in your life, if your family has the conditions, bring it One, record every detail of your life and take pictures of the happy moments between you and your girlfriend~7.

Italy Italy is a country full of history and art. Cities such as Rome, Venice, and Florence have unique cultural atmospheres. In addition, there are many beautiful landscapes here, such as the Tuscan countryside, the Amalfi Coast, etc. , and delicious food, such as pizza, pasta, squid ink, etc. In short, the above list.

When the temperature is not very high on May 1st, you can dress as follows: 1 dress. The weather is not too hot now, and the sun is still very mild. It is very suitable for wearing a skirt. You can choose a more elegant skirt. If you Going on a trip, the floral style couldn’t be better than a breezy skirt, which is super fairy-friendly every day, if you are.

The most famous Champs-Elysées, at the end of the street is the Arc de Triomphe, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the building while shopping. The fashion sense of Paris is also swept under your feet RACHEL ACSENSE STUDIO Eiffel Tower, it is a world-famous building of French culture.

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